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This blog was created in 2011. I started blogging after I read my friend's blog. It looked fascinating, so I decided to create my own blog too. I was 11 that time, and I was so active for 2 years straight. I regularly update and edit my blog. Then, in 2014, I stopped blogging for a while, for about a year and a half. I was just too busy and lazy, I guess. Then, in October 2015, I came back. I renewed my blog, I changed every single thing and deleted all my previous posts. Then, I stopped again for 6 months as I was too busy with studies and sports that time. When I came back for the second time, again, I changed everything. I didn't delete my previous posts this time. And now, here I am!


Of course, I change my URL a lot throughout my 5 years of blogging. Here is my URL history:

- http://liyanajasmi.blogspot.com

- http://stxrlightm00n.blogspot.com
- http://leeyawner.blogspot.my
- http://liyanajay.blogspot.my (currently)

Next? I'm planning to buy my own domain. Not now, maybe after SPM. My mom won't let me have my own domain now because she's afraid I might be too hyped about my blog that I will abandon my studies (which can be true). So, after my school life is over, insya'Allah I will get my own domain.


- Like A Paradise by Aulia Septia

This template is designed by SandyTheme. I, Liyana Jasmi, edited this template and all the posts on my blog are written by me unless stated otherwise. The thumbnail pictures I used for most of my posts and pages are CC0 licensed images from free stock photos websites such as Stocksnap.ioPexels and KaboomPics.

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Liyana, 17, Malaysia - I'm a student and a blogger. A soul imprisoned by a body. I write because nobody listens.

For inquiries: liyanajasmi@gmail.com



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